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1968 (Summer) Research Assistant, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana. Research carried out at the Institute of Anthropos,Athens, Greece.

  • 1968年至1969年伊利诺伊大学心理学系研究助理和导师。
  • 1969年至1972年任华盛顿大学管理与组织和心理学助理教授。
  • 1975年至1978年任美国心理协会委员-科学事务委员会。
  • 1971年至1979年海军研究办公室的首席调查员
  • 1975年至1976年的原子能委员会首席调查员
  • 1979年至1982年美国国家科学基金会的首席调查员
  • 1979年至1983年军队研究所的首席调查员
  • 1984年至1985年海军研究办公室的首席调查员
  • 1977年至1985年任华盛顿大学管理学和组织心理学教授。
  • 1985年,任华盛顿大学工商管理和心理学教授。
  • 1988年,1996年任新西兰坎特伯雷大学厄斯金研究员。
  • 1998年至1999年花旗银行的首席调查员
  • 1990年,1992年,1995,1997任西澳大利亚大学管理部客座教授。
1968-1969Research Associate and Instructor, Department of Psychology,University of Illinois, Urbana.
1969-1972Assistant Professor of Management and Organization and of Psychology, University of Washington.
1972Sears Foundation-American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business Faculty Fellow (July 1 - December 30, 1972). The appointment was with the Department of Labor as a Manpower Analyst with the Division of Program Evaluation Studies.
1972-1977Associate Professor of Management and Organization and of Psychology, University of Washington.
1977-1985Professor of Management and Organization and of Psychology,University of Washington.
1985-present Edward Carlson Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Psychology, University of Washington.
1989Visiting Professor: Australian Graduate School of Management.University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.
1990, 1992, 1995,1997 Visiting Professor: Department of Management, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.
1988, 1996Erskine Fellow at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Research Activities and Interests My major research interest is the study of organizational behavior and human resource management with special reference to the areas of decision making, leadership and motivation. More specifically, I am interested in systematically relating the cognitions and beliefs of group members to their eventual behavior and to overall indices of group activity, performance and satisfaction.

Professional Societies Academy of Management, Divisions of Organization Behavior, and Organization and Management Theory.American Psychological Association, Divisions 8 (Social), and 14 (Industrial and Organizational).

Society for Organizational Behavior.

International Association of Applied Psychologists.

Professional Service Academy of Management--frequent reviewer for National and Regional programs committees. Member of Executive Committee for OB division, 1998-2003. Chair of OB division, 2001-2002.

American Psychological Association--member of Scientific Affairs Committee, 1975-1978. Workshop Committee, 1978-1980.SIOP Awards Committee 1995-2001.

Review Boards, Academy of Management, 1975-1983, Journal of Applied Psychology,1982-1983. Academy of Management Review 1987 – 1993, 1996-2002.

Occasional reviews for numerous other journals.Frequent Reviewer of National Science Foundation research proposals, 1976-present.Governing Board: Society for Organizational Behavior, 1987 - 1992.


Office of Naval Research, 1971-1979Principal Investigator
Atomic Energy Commission, 1975-1976Principal Investigator
National Science Foundation, 1979-1982Principal Investigator
Army Research Institute, 1979-1983Principal Investigator
Office of Naval Research, 1984-1985Co-Principal Investigator
Citibank, 1998-1999Co-Principal Investigator
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