Air route launched between Hangzhou, Beijing, Lisbon

中国网浪潮资讯 杭州经北京至里斯本航线于7月25日开通,这是第一条连接中国和葡萄牙两国首都间的直航。

CNCAO NEWS An air route between Hangzhou, Beijing and Lisbon was inaugurated on July 25, the first direct flight connecting the capitals of China and Portugal.

一架A330飞机于晚上7点10分在中国东部浙江省省会杭州的萧山国际机场起飞,标志着空中服务的启动。预计将于13小时后抵达里斯本。该航班每周安排三次,周二、周四和周六从杭州出发。这条线路由海南航空(Hainan Airlines)旗下的北京首都航空(Capital Airlines)运营。

An A330 aircraft took off at 7:10 pm at Xiaoshan International Airport of Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province, marking the launch of the air service. It was expected to arrive in Lisbon 13 hours later. The flight is scheduled three times per week, departing from Hangzhou on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The route is operated by the Beijing-based Capital Airlines, a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines.


Xu Mingye, general manager of Hangzhou branch of Capital Airlines, said the company selected Hangzhou as the terminal city because more than half the Chinese people in Portugal are from Zhejiang province.

在里斯本工作的中国媒体人詹亮(Zhan Liang)是此次航班上的首批乘客之一。他在起飞前说:“以前,我不得不花20个小时回家,通过伦敦或香港等城市转机。新航线将飞行时间缩短至13个小时,票价仅为500欧元(580美元)。”詹亮说,他经常在两国之间出差,早上到达里斯本很方便,他可以到南美其他葡语国家旅游。

Zhan Liang, a Chinese media worker in Lisbon, was among the first passengers on the flight. "Previously, I had to spend 20 hours to return home, transferring via cities like London or Hong Kong. The new route has cut the flight duration to only 13 hours, with a ticket price of only 500 euros ($580)," he said before takeoff. Zhan said he often traveled between the two countries for business, and the morning arrival in Lisbon was convenient for him to travel on to other Portuguese-speaking countries in South America.


Trade between China and Portugal surged up 28.2 percent year-on-year to $5.58 billion in 2016.