I Love You Anyway


It was Friday morning and a young businessman finally decided to ask his boss for a raise. Before leaving for work, he told his wife what he was about to do. All day long he felt nervous and apprehensive. Finally, in the late afternoon, he summoned the courage to approach his employer, and to his delight, the boss agreed to the raise.


The elated husband arrived home and was surprised to see a beautiful table set with their best china and lighted candles. Smelling the aroma of a festive meal, he figured that someone from the office had called his wife and tipped her off. Finding her in the kitchen, he eagerly shared the details of his good news. They embraced and danced around the room before sitting down to the wonderful meal his wife had prepared. Next to his plate he found an artistically lettered note that read, "Congratulations, darling. I knew you'd get the raise. This dinner is to show you how much I love you."

兴高采烈的丈夫到达家惊奇地发现一张用他们最好的瓷器和点燃的烛火装饰的美丽的桌子。闻到喜庆的食物的香味,他明白办公室的某个人打电话向他的妻子透露了提薪的消息。 当在厨房找到他的妻子时,他急切地与她分享了好消息的细节。他们拥抱彼此并在坐下来享受妻子准备的美食之前在屋子里跳了舞。在他的盘子旁他发现一张便条,上面用艺术字体写着:“祝贺你,亲爱的,我就知道你会加薪的,这顿饭是为了表达我有多么爱你。”

Later on his way to the kitchen to help his wife serve dessert, he noticed that a second card had fallen from her pocket. Picking it up, he read, "Don't worry about not getting the raise. You deserve it anyway. This dinner is to show you how much I love you."